Harper Hosts Netanyahu

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On March 2, 2012, Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of the State of Israel arrived in Ottawa for talks with Steven Harper focussed on attacking and destroying Iran. Ottawa Citizen

Who are these people?

Netanyahu claims to represent all Jews everywhere and Harper claims to represent Canadians everywhere. But they don't. Netanyahu represents Zionist crackpots who have zillions of dollars (which they make themselves). They do not even represent all Israelis and certainly not all Jews. I was born in Canada. I am a Canadian citizen. Harper does not represent me. In his arrival speach, Netanyahu stated "We share common values." I share no values with thieving, lying, warmongering racist paranoiacs who have murdered tens of thousands and starved and tormented millions more. I have nothing in common with anyone who works day and night to start World War III. They do not represent me or act in my name.

Harper's record

Did anyone vote for "Israel" when Harper was running for anything, at any time? Ever? Did Harper even mention "Israel"? No. But Canada got "Israel" only a few hours after Harper first became Prime Minister by the skin of his teeth with a minority government. Harper was elected on the issue of the Liberal patronage scandal that had dominated the news for two years. After Harper was elected in January 2006, nothing more was said about the chief campaign issue ever again. Nothing was done to clean up corruption in Ottawa. It got worse as Harper began expanding the military and turning Canadian peace-keepers into American-style peace-makers, wearing American uniforms and brandishing American weapons. Where did the money come from? No one has asked, except me.

Harper's very first act as Prime Minister, hours after being elected, was to join the United States in supporting the Israeli seige of the Gaza Strip, the world's largest concentration camp. A few months later, Harper endorsed the Israeli attack on Lebanon in July 2006. Canadians got the "bait and switch" with Harper who, no doubt, owes his political success to the people Netanahu really represents. They own the U.S. President and most members of the U.S. Congress — not American voters who have been duped. Friends of the so-called State of Israel run Wall Street, the Federal Reserve System, the Military-Industrial-Complex, The Media, and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) which covertly manages who is elected in Washington. Money taken from American taxpayers is sent to Israel. Some of it returns to Washington to finance AIPAC — which is a creature of Mossad. Some of it returns to American defense contractors. Some of it is stuffed into the pockets of Israeli politicians. With the Harper government in control, Canada has lost any independence it may have once had within The Empire. Evil controls the seats of world power, protected from criticism, and even from examination, by fear of the dreaded charge of "anti-Semitism", even though most of the secret government are not Jews. It seems hopeless; every base is covered.


Don't lose heart. There is good news even if suffering will accompany it. Who will suffer, the banksters (00.01%) or everone else (99.99%)? The Empire faces an existential crisis — It is bankrupt and it hasn't won a war since 1945. This is very bad for people whose only remaining asset is war. The centre of business has moved away from the United States, leaving behind The Empire and its war machine, which, however "modern" they make it, is a relic of the past, like them. The Federal Reserve is furiously printing money and hawking T-Bills. Hyperinflation looms followed by a word-wide collapse of the Empire's funny money system. Goodby, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase et all. Fewer and fewer Americans believe the propaganda anymore: Most Americans don't believe the official 9/11 story and increasing numbers think the U.S. government was responsible. When he was a young man, Harper made a deal with the devil. Now, centuries-long evil schemes are coming to nothing and nothing can save them.