who repaired what some bad Docs did


Frederick T. Cenaiko, M.D.
Wakaw Medical Clinic
Wakaw Union Hospital
Wakaw, Saskatchewan

He saved my life with his treatment and
his advise to discontinue my meds

Regina Sports & Physiotherapy Clinic
Regina, Saskatchewan

Tim, Chetan, Stan, Dawn, Jennifer, thank you

Joseph Buwembo, M.D.
General Hospital
Regina, Saskatchewan

He saved my life when I was in a coma

Betty Fornwald
Neuro PT
Wascana Rehabilitation Centre

She and Susan, Kelly, and everyone there, helped me recover.

Neil Squire Foundation
Regina, Saskatchewan

Faye, Gail, Shelly, Elnora, Kim, Lisa, and Shelley, thank you

Onochie Clifford Arinze Aghaegbuna M.D.
South End Medical Clinic
Regina, Saskatcewan (now in Victoria, B.C.)

He listened to his patient (me), changed his mind
and helped me get over the final hump.