June 24, 2007

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By Morley Evans

Tn my way to St. Matthew’s Anglican church this morning at 9:30, I was driving through the tunnel formed by the tall arched elm trees on Regina Avenue.

A block before the intersection with Albert Street, I spotted a young woman there at the south-west corner. Standing beside her was a tiny tot with short light blonde hair: A mom was taking her baby girl out for a walk, I surmised. This could be her first walk outside. She looked small standing beside her mom, who was tall.

As I approached, the toddler turned and took halting baby steps in my direction. I stopped behind the car in front of me as the light turned red. The child seemed to be quite interested, in me. Her mom moved closer to prevent her from stepping off the sidewalk.

I waved. The child waved. I smiled and waved. The child smiled and waved. Her mom looked at me. She smiled and waved. Then she picked up her baby and smiled a huge smile. She waved and waved. She encouraged her baby to wave. They both smiled and waved.

The mom kissed her baby and smiled at her. The light turned green and we parted. I turned left onto the Albert Street Bridge. She walked west along Regina Avenue. I don’t know who they were. We will surely never see each other again. The child seemed to know I was coming. How would she know that?

Later at church, I thanked God for that wonderful moment. Smiles make life worth living.

Smiles are a gift. They are life's most important gift.

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