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If a Statin Drug was prescribed for you, YOU WERE HARMED. SUE! Statins! is dedicated to protecting public health, improving patient care and keeping you well, so you are not anyone's patient. We will be prosecuting those who have harmed you with Statin Drugs. Join us today.


Resurrecting the 1950's MER-29 fiasco, Merck Pharmaceutical breathed new life into the largely discredited "cholesterol causes heart disease" bunco. Merck established the industry lead in poisoning people around the world with Lovastatin, its first Statin Drug. Lovastatin was unbelievably successful as a money-making scheme. The world was changed. Since the 1990's, doctors have been prescribing Statin Drugs to hundreds of millions — ignoring evidence that patients are harmed. The shrieks of horrified critics were drowned by the tsunami of filthy lucre that is flowing into pharmaceutical company bank accounts. Greedy cash is used to corrupt regulatory agencies and bribe officials who are supposed to protect you.

The Science

Science knows how Statins lower cholesterol in your blood: The Mevalonate Pathway is blocked — Statins are HMG-CoA reductase "inhibitors". Cells are forced to increase reductase and to make additional receptors to draw cholesterol from the blood into your cells. The cholesterol in your blood drops and your doctor is happy. But your cells die without the isoprenoids they also require and you are dying too, cell-by-cell. This happens to all the cells in your body, not only the cells in your liver. It happens to all people taking Statin Drugs — whether or not they notice any symptoms. Statins are mycotoxins — fungus poisons that kill your cells by the same mechanism as Death Cap mushrooms, black mould and venomous snakes. Statins cross the blood-brain barrier to create polyneuropathy and a host of mysterious symptoms: Everything from global amnesia to rhabdomyolysis and arthritis. When symptoms appear, they will confound your doctors. What the pathologist will think killed you is the only question. Problems do not disappear a few weeks after you have discontinued Statin Drugs, as the drug companies claim. Recovery — if you are lucky — will require therapy — if you can find anything — and years of effort and expense. If you are not lucky, you will be crippled for the rest of your life.

The Mevalonate Pathway:
How Statin Drugs REALLY Lower Your Cholesterol and Kill You One Cell At A Time:

The Law

In a products liability lawsuit, the plaintiff seeks compensation for injuries caused by a consumer product. When the injury-causing product is a pharmaceutical drug, the most common claims are that:
1). the drug causes unreasonably dangerous side effects, and
2). the manufacturer, doctor, or pharmacy (among others) failed to provide adequate warnings or instructions regarding the use of the drug.

Statin Drugs HARM EVERYONE regardless of symptoms. Strickly speaking, there are no "side effects" or "adverse drug reactions" because Statin Drugs are designed to kill your cells. That is how they lower your serum cholesterol. The Statin Drugs effect is insidious. Neurotoxins cross the blood-brain barrier to produce symptoms that are manifested in numerous unpredictable ways. What happens to you is what would happen to your computer if it were dropped into a vat of fizzing soda pop. No pharmaceutical company, doctor or pharmacist has ever warned anyone about what Statin Drugs are, what they do and how they do it. No one's life was saved by Statin Drugs either. There is no correlation between heart disease and cholesterol. "None at all." They Lie. They are interested in money, not you, which — not incidentally — violates their licence to be in business.

Your Legal Recourse

If Mevacor™, Zocor™, Lipitor™, Crestor™, Baycol™ or any other Statin Drug was prescribed for you, YOU WERE HARMED. You are eligible for compensation, colossus pecuniam. Join us. To receive our newsletter with more information about WHAT TO DO, add your name here. There is no cost or obligation. Your personal information will not be shared with anyone.